Hayward TriStar® Waterfall Pump

For waterfalls, spillways, and negative edge applications, TriStar® Waterfall is the most hydraulically efficient water feature pump that provides superior flow and energy efficiency.

Our low-head/high-flow TriStar® Waterfall Pumps are specifically designed for large volume waterfall, spillway and negative edge applications. Offered in two sizes, 75 gpm and 120 gpm, they run 60% quieter and use 60% less electricity than standard single-speed pumps.

Available Packages

Hayward TriStar® Waterfall Pump SP36075EE (MSRP $2000) $1,200
Hayward TriStar® Waterfall Pump SP36120EE (MSRP $2400) $1,440

Technical Features

Superior Flow And Energy Efficiency
Easy Installation & Maintenance
Pressure Testable To 50 PSI Maximum

More Information

PDFTriStar® Waterfall Spec Sheet
PDFTriStar® Waterfall Pump All Models (LITTSFAMB16)
PDFTriStar® Waterfall Owner's Manual


Details Model Number: SP36075EE Model Number: SP36120EE
MSRP 2000 2400
GPM 75 120
VOLTAGE 115/208/230 115/208/230
UNION CONNECTIONS 2”x 2½” 2”x 2½”
DIM“A” 13⅞ ” 13⅞ ”
CTN. QTY 1 1
CTN. WEIGHT 50 lbs. 50 lbs.


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