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Pool Brigade is created and launched to provide the state of the art experience to most mundane of the pleasures we enjoy and take for granted - Water. We at Pool Brigade has created a SIMPLE and FUNCTIONAL SYSTEM to maintain, manage and enjoy your Swimming Pool and Spa. No need to worry about complex water chemistry and adding numerous chemicals to balance water making your pool/spa a cesspool of complex chemicals. A system that provides for a 5 minute weekly routine to monitor and manage your backyard pool with Minimal number of chemicals. Come, join us and our team of experts who collectively have 60 plus years of experience in bringing simplicity to the recreational water as we know it. Avoiding various algaecides, clarifiers, toxic and expensive chemicals in pool water used by young children and adults alike. Come to Pool Brigade - we are your rescue-team from the world of complex chemicals. We will make your Pool a fun Pool. Enjoy Hydro Therapy with a Simple Functional Approach! You will remember Pool Brigade and will become part of our Force Multiplier once you test us out. Pool Brigade App provides access to products and parts from reputed manufacturers in swimming pool industry in a simple and intuitive app form that is easy to navigate. Pool Brigade provides access to DIY videos and operation's manual for most popular original equipment.

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2352 John St
Riverside , California
8am - 5pm

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